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How to split an event into multiple events and log them to different activities:

Click on the event on either the Home page or the History page. Click “Split Event”. Adjust “Category”, “From”, and “To” as desired. Click “done” in the upper right hand corner. You can split the new events again if you wish to log more than two activities to a single visit.

How to merge multiple events into a single event:

Long click (click and hold for a two count) and release an event on either the Home page or the History page. Click the circle on the right side of each event you’d like to include in the merge. Once you’ve selected the events you want to merge, click “Merge” in the bottom right corner. The new event will take on the category of the earliest event in the timeline of merged events. If you want to change the category of the new event, just click on the event to edit it.

How to edit the default Activity for a saved location:

Open the side menu (menu icon at top left of screen) and click on “Locations”. Click the location and then click “edit” in the top right corner. Click the current Activity and then select the desired new Activity. Click “done” in the top right corner. Every future visit to the location will now log time to the new Activity.


SkadaddleLife isn’t capturing some of my events.

Skadaddle won’t record your location when the app is closed. Check to make sure the app is open.

The Location Permission for Skadaddle needs to be set to “Always” in order for Skadaddle to work properly. You can check this by going to Settings - Privacy - Location Services - and scroll down to Skadaddle. If it is not set to “Always”, click on Skadaddle and select “Always”.

If you have done the above and Skadaddle is still missing events frequently, please email us at